Get lost in The Maze Runner

the-maze-runnerThere is really only one word needed to describe James Dashner’s The Maze Runner – Wow!  Imagine that you wake up in a strange place knowing nothing but your name.  Your memory has been wiped and you have no idea what happened to you before you woke up in the pitch black of an elevator that opens to reveal a walled-off area and a bunch of boys staring at you.  The leader of the group tells you that you are in the middle of a maze, in a place called The Glade where these boys all live, carving out an existence.  Nobody knows why the maze is there or why they are all trapped inside with no way out that they have discovered in the past two years.  As well as trying to solve the maze they must survive the attacks of sinister blob-type creatures called Grievers.  The story follows Thomas and the other ‘Gladers’ who strive against the odds to escape the maze alive.

The story is heart-stopping and the plot races along.  It’s one of those books that you just don’t want to end and I was excited to discover that The Maze Runner is the first book in a trilogy.  Now I just have to wait patiently for James Dashner to write the sequel, Scorch Trials that comes out next year.  If you loved Suzanne Collins The Hunger Games you’re sure to love The Maze Runner.

Image of the week

Passengers in one of the spacious lounges at the Christchurch Airport. Circa 1960

Passengers in one of the spacious lounges at the Christchurch Airport

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The best (and worst) children’s books of 2009

My favourite book of 2009

Next Wednesday (18 November) the annual Best and Worst Books of the Year event is being held at Upper Riccarton library from 7:30-9pm.  Everybody is invited to come along and hear from librarians, booksellers, publishers and authors about what their favourite books were this year.  It’s always a fun night with drinks and nibbles available and if you want to get your hands on a Jenny Cooper original illustration there is one being auctioned on the night. 

Our Holiday Reading List is also being launched on the night so if you want to find some great children’s and young adults books to read over the summer break, come along and get a copy.