Be a Library Star

We love feCustomer15aturing our customers on the home page of our Library web site. We’ve got all sorts of library stars, kids and babies, history lovers, lycra clad 80s loving dancers, families, and an author – all enjoying the library in their own style.

Today we received a great email and photos from Atena and here’s a summary of her story about the importance of the library to her family:

Anahita was a colic baby who was calmed down by having many books around her. Her family used to put books in front of her, she’d lookat the page for around five minutes with lots of interest. Then she would start crying which meant “turn the page for me”. We’d turn the page and she was happy looking at the next page for another five minutes.

Customer16We read so many books to her. We don’t have  or watch a TV so books are the most important educational tools in our family.  In the first photo she is just two months old and in the second one around three years. She loves books and she never gets sick of them. In the other photo, Tara, my second daughter, is fascinated – making the jelly pond from the book which we borrowed.

Thanks Atena for sharing your wonderful story.

And remember people you too can submit your photo and join our little galaxy of library stars.

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