Elephants cannot dance

Fendalton LibraryPeople often don’t realise the value of “Into reading’ as a collection in the library. This section offers great books for the beginner reader. The books normally have large, clear text and lots of illustrations. They offer a first reading experience for children and encourage them to play with language.

Titles in this collection are used by beginner readers, younger reluctant readers and parents and children sharing books together.

Two examples of wonderful titles to be found in the Into reading collection are:

Elephants cannot dance by Mo Willems. Elephant is trying to learn to dance. Frustrated by his lack of success he throws a major tantrum. This is then adopted by squirrels as “the elephant dance”. This title is one that appeals to adults as well as children which makes for a good reading experience for both child and parent. It has very simple illustrations and text.

Hooray for Fly Guy by Tedd Arnold. Buzz’s football team is short of players and his friend Fly Guy steps in to help. The story of how a fly can play football is humorous and imaginative. This title also appeals to different ages.

One thought on “Elephants cannot dance

  1. Max Elliot Anderson 31 October 2009 / 6:05 am

    It’s so important to draw attention to reading, and attract reluctant readers to it,especially boys. In fact, I’ve recently completed a feature magazine article on this subject that came out in October, “Help for Struggling, Reluctant Readers.”

    I grew up as a reluctant reader, in spite of the fact that my father published over 70 books. Now I write action-adventures & mysteries, especially for tween boys, that avid boy readers and girls enjoy just as much.

    My blog, Books for Boys http://booksandboys.blogspot.com is dedicated to drawing attention to the importance of reading.

    Keep up your good work.

    Max Elliot Anderson

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