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Women rowing on the Avon River, Christchurch. 191?

Women rowing on the Avon River, Christchurch

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You too can have hips narrower than your head!

Recently, a Ralph Lauren advertisement campaign gained online infamy because the model’s figure had been so warped in post production editing, she had become horribly unhuman. The model has since been sacked from the fashion label for not being able to fit the clothing, and the blogger who first criticised the photo has had the full force of Ralph Lauren’s legal team down on him for copyright infringement. Ouch!

Adobe Photoshop is the professional program used for this sort of editing, but there are other programs which are great for editing photos. In this case, the editor went a little (maybe a lot) too far.

We have some great books on Photoshop in the library which should teach you how to avoid this kind of blunder. On the other hand, you could turn yourself into Barbie, if you so wish. We also have, a free imaging program, installed on all our library computers.

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