We work hard – Monday is Labour Day

A gang of co-operative labourers

It’s Labour Day on Monday – celebrate the emergence of the 8 hour working day in New Zealand by going online.  The wonderful NZ On Screen web site has posted a Labour Day collection. This hand picked selection brings together 13 titles that relate to Kiwi working life. The clever and informative content featured includes:

  • Revolution – a 4 part tv series on economic change in the 80s and early 90s
  • A film on the economic overhaul wrought by the 1984 Labour government – Someone else’s country
  • An episode of the famous NZ Public service comedy Gliding on

See our Labour day resource for more information on this hard earned holiday.

Are you a deipnosophist?

As a linguaphile and an inveterate coiner of words I’ve found a gem.

  • It’s smaller than the OED
  • It’s blue
  • It was written by a Kiwi  – journalist Mark Broatch, currently Assistant Editor and Books Editor on the Sunday Star-Times.

In a word: The essential tool for finding the perfect word.

My first find was:

maunder (verb) to speak quickly and incessantly, often in a low voice, especially about unimportant matters; to wander

While this is a useful reference tool, it’s just delicious to dip in and find a clever word or expression that tickles your fancy. And  by the way, a  deipnosophist is one skilled in the art of dinner conversation.

Any favourite words or expressions you’d like to share?

‘Libraries change lives’

Photo courtesy of Ross Becker
Photo courtesy of Ross Becker

So says Jessica Dorr, the Program Officer for Global Libraries, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. She was a  keynote speaker at the LIANZA (Library and Information Association New Zealand Aotearoa) Conference 2009 held in Christchurch from the 12th to the 14th October.

(15.46 minutes, 14 MB)

Jessica recommended this video on Youtube showing how a library project in Latvia, jointly funded by the foundation and the Latvian government, has turned Latvia’s libraries into centres of learning and opportunity by providing better access to information, jobs, and social connections through technology. The grant—which provided public libraries with computer equipment, Internet connectivity, and skilled librarians—is a huge success story and is helping to close the digital gap in Latvia.