The Detritus of everyday life

I am a hoarder of stuff.  By stuff I mean all manner of things that fit the criteria of cheap, second hand, and something that when spotted gets the adrenalin pulsing – A Bargain no less.  Looking at some of the books we have in the library I now realise that in fact I am no longer a searcher of  junk, but I am A Collector.  I have been ahead of my time, and all those old dresses and shoes I have are no longer called rubbish, the are “Vintage”.   This is great news, and if I knew then what I know now, I could have  written this book called Shopping for vintage :the definitive guide to vintage fashion by Funmi Odulate.

However, I not only gather clothes but can’t resist that gorgeous bit of chipped china, colourful fabric, interesting glassware, old cushions and blankets,  so thank goodness for Bazaar style: decorating with market and vintage finds by Selina Lake.  My house sometimes looks “Bazaar” but this book will quickly put an end to that!  Things will be tastefully arranged and artfully placed.  I can’t wait

I am beginning to wonder if I shouldn’t read Collections of nothing by William Davies King.

Captivated by the detritus of everyday life, the author has spent a lifetime gathering a monumental mass of miscellany, from cereal boxes to boulders to broken folding chairs. This book takes a hard look at this habitual hoarding to see what truths it can reveal about the impulse to accumulate.

I wonder what I would learn?

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