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Man, I am so sick of carrying these piles of books around untethered, or worse, using up to TWO rubber bands! Won’t somebody please help me!

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Not your average Boy meets Girl

What happens when you meet the girl of your dreams, but you’re already with the perfect girl?  This is the dilemma that John Lennon (aka Beatle) faces when he meets Destiny McCartney in Gabrielle Williams young adult novel Beatle Meets Destiny.  If you know anything about The Beatles you’ll know that Lennon and McCartney were the songwriting geniuses behind their fantastic songs, and so you might come to the conclusion that Destiny and Beatle are destined to be together (if you believe in that sort of thing).  If you like a good book about relationships between different people (family, guys and girls) this is the perfect book for you.  You get glimpses into the lives of Beatle and his family and friends, as well as Destiny and her family and friends.  Beatle falls for Destiny but feels trapped in a relationship with Cilla, and Destiny falls for Beatle but doesn’t know he has a girlfriend.  Throw in a stalker, a stolen chair, a shaven cat,  horoscopes, and twins and you’ve got an interesting story.

This is Gabrielle Williams’ first novel and she has done a fantastic job of weaving the stories together; you see Beatle and Destiny’s lives intertwine without the characters knowing and they collide in spectacular fashion towards the end.  Her characters are convincing and entertaining and you’ll get caught up in their lives like I did.