Present to Obama creates bestseller

Last month Jane highlighted the Barack Obama book club and here’s another title that has been a recipient of the Obama “touch”.

Despite first being published in English in 1973, Open Veins of Latin America: five centuries of the pillage of a continent has experienced a renaissance in the English-speaking world, all thanks to the connection with Barack Obama.

Written by Eduardo Galeano, with a new foreward by Isabel Allende, Open Veins of Latin America looks at the impact of foreign intervention in Latin America over the past five centuries.

Earlier this year, Venezuelan leader Hugo Chavez presented Barack Obama with a copy at the 5th Summit of the Americas. Within days, the book rocketed into the top ten seller lists across across America & Europe.

You can listen to the author’s reactions to the Chavez-Obama book exchange here.

The Pacific region has a new edition available from Scribe Publications, and you can borrow it from Christchurch City Libraries.

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