Tiki – Always on our minds?

Word is that Tiki Taane’s ballad Always on My Mind is now the second-longest running chart single of all time in New Zealand. The catchy number has been in the charts 55 weeks – pretty impressive.

Your trivia question for today is: what is the longest running New Zealand chart single?

Answers on the back of a reply please 😉

For those who are keen on the latest music figures, the official charts are available on the Recording Indutry Association’s website. Radioscope also have all sorts of interesting information about different types of charts and what the most added songs are to radio station playlists. They also list quarterly  ratings for radio stations.

Tiki’s love ballad ‘Always On My Mind’ still remains in the NZ Top 40 charts after an incredible 54 WEEKS! Because of this, it is now jointly the second longest-running chart single of all time in NZ! The longest running tune ever is New Order’s Blue Monday, which notched up an astounding 74 WEEKS on the chart – wow, remember that little beauty!?

NZ Charts are driven by sales – each tune is ranked according to the amount of sales it has made in the last week.