Charlie Parker is back

A detective novel with a supernatural twist, what more could you ask for!  This is exactly how I would describe John Connolly’s books about Maine PI Charlie Parker.  Parker’s first appearance was in Connolly’s first novel, Every Dead Thing, in which Charlie Parker’s wife and child are killed and he becomes consumed with hatred and a desire for revenge.  He quits the NYPD and gains his private eye license in order to track down his wife and daughter’s killer.  This career change sets him on a path that sees him come up against some pretty disturbing people and all sorts of evil. 

In Connolly’s latest Charlie Parker thriller, The Lovers, Parker has to delve into his past and dredge up some memories that he would have sooner forgotten, and we also learn alot about his parents and the decisions that they had to make to protect him.  I’ve only read a few of Connolly’s books about Parker but I now want to go back and read some of the earlier ones to fill in some gaps.  However, you don’t have to have read any of his previous books to understand what’s going on. 

I’m not really into crime books that are told from the perspective of police detectives or forensic experts as I find them a little too bogged down in jargon.  This is one of the reasons I enjoy Connolly’s books so much as Parker is a PI working on his own and following his own rules, with some help from his acquaintances Angel and Louis.  I also find that the feel of his books is similar to Dean Koontz as they’ve got a dark nature to them.

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