No shortage of short stories

As part of our 150th celebrations, there was a one-day short story competition held at the beginning of August. There was no shortage of entries, showing that the desire to write and get creative on the page is alive and well in our city. Competitors had to include four out of a series of Christchurch landmarks.

You can read the stories on The winner of the open section was Nic Gorman and his ‘story’, Reasons for Voyaging, is available, as well as a selection of other entries. The winner of the youth section – Kerry Lane’s Sunday Afternoon – will be available after The Press has published it next Thursday.

It’s great to see the variety of styles in this fresh crop of writing. If you had to write a short story which Christchurch landmarks would you include? What would it be about? Boy racers? Office politics? Go on, get creative on a sunny Friday!