Recent necrology, 17 – 26 August

Necrology – a list of notable people who have died recently. Now a regular feature on our blog.

  • Fred Whitsey, 1919-2009
    Telegraph gardening correspondent whose elegantly-worded columns always offered practical advice

Phantom billstickers do Poetry

ChristchurchpoetryYou may have spotted a splurge of poetry about town – it’s the Phantom Billstickers Poem Posters 2009. The New Zealand Electronic Poetry Centre reports:

An initiative by poster company Phantom Billstickers puts poems by New Zealand and American poets on the streets as A1 posters. The first four posters were launched in Auckland 2 June by Tusiata Avia, James Milne (aka Lawrence Arabia) and Michele Leggott … The posters will go up in 13 New Zealand cities and in Nashville, Tennessee, where the company is also active. The poems will change monthly and the project will run for six months.

Phantom is also presenting “Poetry on the occasion of Janet Frame’s birthday” at Al’s Bar, 31 Dundas Street, Christchurch on Friday 28 August at 5.30pm. There’ll be refreshments and entry is free.

See the Phantom Billstickers site to find out more about this business that has been keeping citizens informed since 1982 – as musician and writer Bill Direen says: “No people is without art. Phantom Billstickers tell people about it”.

Have you ever played Calvinball?

Just wanted to plug one of my favourite comics – Calvin and Hobbes.

I’ve always enjoyed the world from both Calvin and Hobbes’ viewpoints. It makes me realise that as a six year old, Calvin certainly has a unique, but entirely cool, perspective on the world.

There’s plenty of copies of the various collections throughout the library network, so go on, borrow one and get your daily dose of laughter. You can also get Calvin & Hobbes cartoons for your Facebook page.

Most importantly you could even try your own version of Calvinball – the only over-arching rule is that you can’t play with the same rules. Essentially you just make it up as you go, which could be a great mantra on how to be happy at work, play, love and life in general.