The elephant whisperer

Babylons Ark by Lawrence Anthony
Babylon's Ark by Lawrence Anthony

I love National Radio.  My dad used to listen to the National Radio all the time and was always talking about interesting tidbits he had heard and recommending books.  At that time I was working full-time and didn’t get to listen during a working day and the conversation was largely me listening.  Now that I am part-time I get to hear it on the odd occasion – oh Dad, the conversations we could be having. 

The other day I was listening to a fascinating man that they were calling the elephant whisperer aka Lawrence Anthony.  I was going to say he was amazing but he was a surprisingly down-to-earth man that had done some amazing things.  I was completely drawn into his story about rescuing delinquent elephants that were running rampant in a game park in South Africa.  The elephants’ fates lay with both game keepers and poachers with guns. 

If that wasn’t dangerous enough he also went into Iraq at the beginning of the United States occupation as he was concerned about the welfare of the zoo animals.  History had shown zoo animals, in a time of war, are often abandoned and left to die in their cages.   So Mr Anthony goes to Iraq to try and save zoo animals in Iran which involved him looting Saddam Hussein’s palace kitchens to feed the animals which he felt fully justified in doing as Saddam Hussein also owned the zoo.  I was listening to this man speak (which you can also do if you have an MP3 player or an internet connection by clicking here) thinking – this guy should write a book.  Thankfully he has, two even.  The delinquent elephant story features in The elephant whisperer  and his time in Iraq in Babylon’s Ark.  I now have both on order.  (Miss you Dad xxx)