John Green – author and Nerd Fighter

Whenever I read a new John Green book I’m immediately struck by how much he understands the male mind.  I find that alot of  young adult fiction portrays males as either jocks or someone who is out-of-reach of main female character and not someone who I can relate to at all.  However, John Green’s characters are usually just normal guys, who are a bit nerdy (the main character in An Abundance of Katherines is obsessed with numbers) and you can really get into their head and understand how their mind works.  Looking for Alaska was Green’s first book which was great and was then followed by An Abundance of Katherines a couple of years ago.   An Abundance of Katherines is absolutely hilarious with it’s interesting mix of characters.  It follows Colin who has only ever dated girls called Katherine.  He has just been dumped by his 19th Katherine and so him and his Judge Judy-loving friend, Hassan go on a road trip hoping to prove his mathematical therom that should predict the future of any relationship.

Green’s latest book, Paper Towns is his best so far.  Once again, we get a glimpse of life from the perspective of an ordinary guy who lives life under the radar.  Quentin lives next door to Margo Roth Spiegleman, a girl he has secretly loved for years.  One night, Margo climbs into his bedroom window and drags him off on a revenge mission.  However, the following morning Margo seems to have disappeared and it’s up to Quentin and his mates to follow the clues she has left behind and find the girl he thought he knew.  The characters are totally believable and there are plenty of hilarious moments, especially on the marathon road-trip to get to Margo.

John Green himself is a really interesting guy and I’d imagine that there is alot of himself in his characters.  He has a cool website with info about his books and a daily blog, as well as his Nerd Fighter website that he has set up with his brother, Hank.

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