Go green … sleep naked

I finished a funny blog-turned-book, Sleeping naked is green, over the weekend, about a Canadian journalist who decided to green her year by making one green change every day for a 366 days (she inadvertently chose a leap year for the challenge). 

While some of the changes were minor and common sense, such as check tire pressure and stay on the path while hiking, others were a touch more radical, such as unplugging her fridge, showering in the dark, reusing tea leaves to remove odour from hands and taking a butchery class.

It was an enjoyable and easy diary-style read, and it showed how doing one green thing each day could change your world for the better, and influence those around you as well.

She also talks about the end of the challenge, and what things she will continue to do, what things she will ease up on, and what other changes she might undertake. She continues to update her blog greenasathistle.com so you can check up on how she is doing now.

It’s Library Week 10 – 16 August

325x120It’s a double whammy Library Week this year as Christchurch City Libraries celebrates its 150th birthday as well.

The theme this year is Escape, Explore, Discover. These have always been the stuff of which libraries are made.

There are some cool competitions – videoing, graphic novels, and writing.

There’s a history of Library Week on the brilliant nzhistory.net.nz site.

S0 celebrate by loving your local library – visit for a relaxing read, borrow a book, mag or CD / DVD,  apply for a job, use the free internet, read council documents and have your say, attend an event (I listened to some beautiful music at Hornby Library on Saturday and am looking forward to groovy foodie Richard Till and Zinefest).

To paraphrase the Manic Street Preachers (the opening line of their anthem A design for life):

Libraries give us power

Brought to Light – Christchurch Art Gallery enters the blogosphere

Bought to lightThe Christchurch Art Gallery Te Puna o Waiwhetu has entered the blogosphere with Brought to Light. Our fellow member of the Cultural Precinct is bringing you a behind the scenes view:

The collection galleries of Christchurch Art Gallery may be closed for the next few months, but the Gallery is still well and truly open for business. Here at the Brought to Light blog we’ll keep you up-to-date with all the developments on the project as we work to create a new visitor experience.
See also:
  • Current exhibitions
  • August’s events and talks including Literary Shorts with Kate De Goldi, Gavin Bishop and Sally Blundell – Favourite short stories from the past 150 years, plus the winners of the One-Day Short Story Competition are announced (Wednesday 19 August, 6pm)