Reading books earns you prizes

Yeah right! No, it’s true. I’ll tell you how.

In my team meeting the other day we were examining the Christchurch City Council blue, that will soon be incorporated in library branding. It’s such a pretty blue. In fact, it’s cobalt blue. I learned this the next day when I was reading Choosing Colours by Kevin McCloud. It is the most fascinating book, because it explains the history of colours, how to use particular palettes to create a certain look for your home and lots of other fascinating arcane colour trivia. Did you know cobalt blue is in fact a black-based colour? That it has been used since the eighth century in China for their famous blue and white china …

So what does this have to do with earning prizes? Well, there I was in Elevate restaurant with our family quiz team, the Ratpack, on Tuesday night and the quizzler was … You guessed it! I am a colour.

Three clues later – I triumphed with … cobalt blue. 100 points on my Elevate card later, I am a very happy bunny.  You never know where reading books is going to take you.

Thrillin’ While We’re Chillin’

Dismal winter weather getting you down? Yes?……….

In lieu of a foreign holiday in exotic climes, I’m pinning my escapist hopes on re-reading some high-octane, pacey thrillers from yesteryear. Central library is packing a bulging display of goodies from the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s including some thriller writing greats: Alistair MacLean, Desmond Bagley, Hammond Innes, Ian Fleming, Gavin Black etc.

So if you see yourself as the resourceful man/woman-alone hero type pitting  your wits against foreign agents and megalomaniacs seeking total world domination, fancy the odd saucy encounter with beautiful, mysterious women/men, want to drive fast cars and visit glamorous locations, head into Popular for your thriller fix. Or failing that you could book a holiday somewhere nice instead, I hear Monte is to die for at this time of year dahling!

Image of the Week

“Male and female cabin crew of TEAL standing at the corner of Colombo and Armagh Streets”

Male and female cabin crew of TEAL standing at the corner of Colombo and Armagh Streets

From the Canterbury Progress League Archives, Christchurch City Libraries Archive 72

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