“Hammer of the Gods for people who wear anoraks”

Peter Hook (ex Joy Division, ex New Order) is one of the real characters in the music world – renowned for his dry wit and distinctive bass sound.  I’ve been waiting for his book about the famous music venue The Hacienda and was a mite disappointed when my hold on the library’s copy was cancelled.

But, as there often is,  there was a story behind this cancelled reserve. The story, as I found out from music website Pitchfork,  is Peter Hook’s  book is possibly too hot for the presses. The defamation issues described reveal some very Spinal Tap moments :

How can the author prove this about the xxxxxxx? Particularly, how is it proved that they wanted a pirate ship built at this cost and that they cost this amount of money? I am not sure one can say literally about six people turned up when it seems from the appendix it was 190. I would suggest changing to something more along the lines of “pitifully few turned up” and I would also suggest taking out “we were pillaged by bloody pirates”. May not xxxxxx complain about the reference to his stash

So let’s hope it Hooky’s book does make it to the presses.

In the meantime all you ‘anoraks’ can console yourself with: