Cookbookery and Sauntering Gourmets

I’m no great shakes as a gourmet, but I do like to eat – so I cook. My essential guide is a 1997 permutation of the Edmonds (pages most decorated with food – Afghans). Here are my favourite cookbooks – even an ungifted amateur like me can conjure up yumminess galore with these stalwarts:

  • Fast vegies Australian Women’s Weekly – the cauliflower soup recipe is helping me use up old vegies in the fridge, getting the vegetable intake up and what is winter without soup?
  • The Moosewood Cookbook Mollie Katzen – originally bought for a poppyseed poundcake recipe but lots more to love in this classic which is focussed on natural foods
  • The Crabtree Bakery Cupcake Book Jennifer Graham – gastroporn at its most pretty
  • The Best of Alison Holst – the Mummy of them all, hearty menu mainstays to the fore.

I’m also looking forward to exploring Miss Dahl’s voluptuous delights – Sophie Dahl is possibly the only woman who could out ‘volupt’ Nigella Lawson.  And I have Bake by Allyson Gofton out of the library, but I think I need to get one on my bookshelf. Sheer damn baking genius.

How about some of you more gifted in the culinary arts reveal your faves?