Crocus Hour or Ladies, A Plate?

Voting in the Montana New Zealand Book Awards is one of my favourite civic duties, but this year, my mouse is hovering between two boxes :

The Crocus Hour by Charlotte Randall
A treasure box of ex-pat angst, taut family relationships and a mystery.

Ladies A Plate:Traditional Home Baking by Alexa Johnston

Any recipe book that has the recipes that I have failed to pry out of my Mother’s hands must be a potential award winner for me, and the rich historical detail makes this the Te Papa of cookbooks.

My vote is wavering between the domestic arts and the literary arts; my heart vs.  my stomach.

Recent necrology, 11-26 June 2009

Necrology – a list of notable people who have died recently. Now a regular feature on our blog.

  • Charles Arnold-Baker, 1918-2009 German aristocrat and intelligence officer who wrote a richly eccentric guide to British history
  • Cyril John Freezer, 1924-2009 Engineer and editor who inspired thousands of postwar schoolboys to become model railway enthusiasts
  • Michael Jackson, 1958-2009 American recording artist, entertainer, and businessman
  • Steve Race, 1921-2009 Musician and broadcaster who chaired all 520 episodes of My Music and devised Telegraph crosswords

RIP the King of Pop? – reports of the death of Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson has reportedly died at the age of 50 and the World Wide Web is a-Twitter.

You may have debated his relevance in the current music scene but the online frenzy, information and mis-information show the King of Pop is a still a figure of major public interest –  locally Stuff’s article Michael Jackson’s dead had 96 comments as at 11:21am today. See also:

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