Argenta Needs to be Saved

the aliens have arrived

In Argenta by Stephanie Hills Anquin the bird boy lives on an inhospitable planet called Argenta. He hasn’t seen his parents for years and he is sick of collecting tuskerweed to feed the Clan. As if that isn’t enough to ruin his day, Grandmother Cormar has given him very bad news – because he is a special hatchling he won’t be going on a Mission, like his parents and the other adult birds. He must stay and guard the eggs and pass on special knowledge to the new generation. Anquin doesn’t want to be special, he wants to have adventures. So he takes an adventurous and totally prohibited step and flies towards the Forbidden Zone. What he finds there changes his life for ever, in ways he never expected…

Meanwhile, on Earth, Martin dreams of saving the Earth from the Gorgozoids and being a hero. The summer holidays are pending and the most exciting thing in his life is his mother’s protest to save some local bush from mining. But things change when a casual walk among the trees brings him face to face with a real life alien…Before he knows where he is,the alien is his friend and they’re working together to save both their planets from the evil Dorgazoids.

This is a fun story that will appeal to boys and girls of about 8 to 12 years. It mixes science fiction and fantasy and both main characters are lively and engaging. It has themes of rebellion and the dangers of conformity, but isn’t preachy about it. A good read for chilly winter nights

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