Our Margaret

OK, so I subscribe to too many email lists, but that is no excuse to have lost in the shuffle the fact that Margaret Mahy has won the Picture Book category of the 2009 Boston Globe–Horn Book Awards!

Bubble-Trouble is a tongue-twisting picture book that describes how Baby gets wafted away by a bubble, blown by his sister Mabel. It begs to be read aloud, although no-one can read it with more tongue-twisting-alacrity than Margaret herself. Margaret has already written two Boston Globe-Horn Book Award Honour Books – The Changeover in 1985  and Memory in 1988. 

In other Mahy-News, in May she was uninvited from appearing on Radio Rhema after staff decided her new non-fiction book “Awesome Aotearoa” was too “disrespectful”.

She wasn’t fazed though, saying, “I don’t feel upset by it. You just become reconciled that not everyone is going to read the text in the same way. That’s the mystery of reading.”

One thought on “Our Margaret

  1. Michael A 11 June 2009 / 9:08 am

    Not that I’m complaining but I’m sure we have a copy of another version of Bubble Trouble that I read my daughter in the 90s – is this a reissue? I love Margaret Mahy’s use of language and rhythmn – my favourite read-aloud of all time is “Seventeen Kings and Forty-Two Elephants” as my poor children may tell you if asked.

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