Oldies and goodies

Ice Station ZebraSeeing as we’re getting all nostalgic and historical round here this year, we at the Popular Centre thought it might be fun to dig around in the shelves and stacks and bring out some of those ‘oldies but goodies’ that might not get to see the light of day very often.

You know the ones I mean – the books you read as a kid (under the blankets, with a torch), or the ones you nicked from mum’s bookshelf (Peyton Place – sorry, mum!) when she thought you were reading the Hardy Boys; books read in baches on the West Coast during a rainy holiday; books that made you feel really intelligent when you were reading them (Leon Uris and Dostoyevsky, anyone?), and books that you read guiltily when you really should have been studying for that advanced physics exam.

Over the next few months we plan to bring out some of these old treasures so you too can revisit the past, renew old friendships, and maybe even make some new friends. Look out for retrospective displays of everything from early science fiction to classic 1950’s and 60’s romance (saucy or not), with a good helping of horror/western/adventure and even actual classic Classics for good measure.

Starting early next week, come and visit us on the ground floor at Central, and see what’s on display – we’ll even let you take stuff home. And if there’s anything at all that you’d just LOVE to chase down and reread, please let us know and we’ll see if we can find it for you!