Knitting in Public

While writing a previous post I searched our catalogue for the title Sideways and spotted this gem Knitting cuff to cuff : a dozen designs for sideways-knit garments. To me it just sums up the weird and wonderful world of knitting books which from time to time I get excited about – although I never attempt any of the projects.

That might all change if I join the merry band of knitters on World Knit in Public Day this 13 June. Last year 180 people celebrated together in Christchurch – this year organisers are hoping for a bigger mob to descend on the Dux de Lux where they can take part in Knit Surgery (get some help on that project that’s got all tangled up), lasta pasta casta (knitting on dried pasta), fastest knitter and most improved knitter and the winner of the knit your own alien competition will be announced.

In the leadup to the day there is an extreme knitting photo competition and a special knitting class. Check it all out on the  Knit in Public website

A brief delve into the library collection produced some great titles – Men who knit & the dogs who love them, Knitting with balls : a hands-on guide to knitting for the modern man and Never knit your man a sweater unless you’ve got the ring! : 22 handsome projects for every level of commitment (takes me back to the good old days when knitting a sweater for your bloke was part of the Kiwi courting ritual)

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