Bottle Shocked

red wine glass and bottleThanks to a bit of serendipity (aka Mo-mo) I scored free tickets to the movie Bottle Shock. It purports to be about the events around the 1976 Judgement of Paris. I always thought this was a painting?

Anyway some Napa Valley wines outscored top French wines in a blind tasting by top French wine experts and made the world aware of the potential of New World wines.  These days I think of the potential specials at my local supermarket – but where Napa Valley led, so Kiwi winemakers followed and these days the cheeky beggars are even challenging on the red wine front, at least in the taste buds and wallets of a lot of British wine drinkers.

The film was a bit cliched at times – did they all run around in Deux Chevaux and Citroens in 1976? Or were they the only French cars Americans would be likely to recognise? But it did provide light hearted entertainment and a good story. It whetted my interest in Californian wines, although another movie of a couple of years ago, Sideways, gives an idea of how over-hyped it can be now. We have DVD copies of Sideways in our libraries.

The “effete Pom” character, Stephen Spurrier, is still around on the wine scene – as a consultant editor for Decanter magazine. If you want to explore the wide world of wine there are some great specialist magazines in our libraries – Decanter, Winestate, WineNZ plus the wine sections of magazines like Cuisine, Dine, Australian Gourmet Traveller.

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