Champion Mo-Mo

Mo-Mo is a star. Well we all knew that but now it has been acknowledged nationally at the  Qantas Media Awards where she won the award  for Best Blogger of 2009.  In her day job Moata contributes to the Library blog but by night she masquerades as Blog Idle on the Stuff website.  Since winning the Stuff Blog Idol competition a year ago Moata has gathered a legion of fans for her funny and pointed writing about the daily events of life.

Stuff describes Moata as a “librarian with a black-belt in sarcasm who’s been meaning to get one in procrastination too but always ends up watching TV instead. Her blog is an unholy mash-up of whimsy, cynicism and wry observation.” If you haven’t already I’d recommend you check out Mo-Mo’s writing on both blogs. There are some great laugh-out-loud moments and plenty of wry acknowledgements when she hits the nail (or maybe the mouse!) on the head about the ups and downs of daily life.

One thought on “Champion Mo-Mo

  1. Mo-mo 25 May 2009 / 11:48 am

    Thank you, thank you. It’s very nice being told that you’ve done a good job.
    I’m very fortunate in that I’m surrounded by blogging excellence at the CCL blog.
    I look forward to everyone else’s witty and erudite offerings and can only hope that my own stand up to the high quality.

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