now showing at a library near you…

For NZ Music Month many libraries like to create a display round the music collections they hold.  This year we are having an internal competition and the creative people at various libraries have been busy.

Stars in our Eyes at Shirley Library
Stars in our Eyes at Shirley Library

Here at Shirley we have re-created the set from the popular TV series “Stars in their Eyes” and re-named it “Stars in our Eyes” – featuring famous New Zealand musicians and singers.  Some are old favourites and others are more recent music heroes.  They include John Rowles, Suzanne Prentice, Patsy Riggir, Scribe, Carly Binding, Hayley Westenra and Brooke Fraser.

Bishopdale have recreated the CD cover of Opshop’s album Second Hand Planet.  The image has been blown up and is the focal point of a display containing books and CDs featuring NZ music.

The Central teams have created numerous displays around the library – can you find the musical kiwis or some old school vinyl?  There is also a slide show outside ANZC of our collection of 1980s Christchurch rock posters.

At South library, team member ‘Madonna’ is sporting a guitar made of CDs.

What is your local library doing for NZ Music Month?

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