Love, food, wine and travel

Who could resist a session with a name like this? After Richard Dawkins provoked a breakfast discussion that involved some food but little love, and which made me wish for wine and travel, I’m going the Rachael King way. I saw her in the foyer of the Aotea Centre and she said she’s strictly fiction, which has a nice ring to it.

Sarah-Kate Lynch and Nicky Pellegrino sparked off each other really well and were similar in many ways. They have both been editors of the New Zealand Woman’s Weekly, they both write popular women’s fiction and reviews and they are both very funny but it’s the meticulous versus the organic as far as approaches to their work goes.

Lynch has to have quiet and the right chair, Pellegrino writes in an annex to her dining room known as the dining hovel with her husband watching motor sport a mere arm’s length away.

When Jim did the total spoiler and revealed the ending of On top of everything about a third of the way through the session Sarah was off – he is never going to be allowed to forget this.

What does it say about the New Zealand psyche that this book has done the best here and provoked a huge response from readers but overseas publishers won’t publish it because they don’t like the ending? I don’t know but it could be that whole cinema of unease, Man alone, big dark streak through our literature thing. Except the Dutch are going to publish it, bless their dark little hearts.

Lynch is undismayed though, saying that if you think too much about what other people think and want “you can really bugger it up”.

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