Recent necrology, 28 April – 8 May 2009

  • Ken Annakin, 1914-2009
    British director whose films included the family-adventure classic Swiss Family Robinson,the madcap comedy Those Magnificent Men in Their Flying Machines and the World War II epic The Longest Day
  • Richard Arnell, 1917-2009
    Composer whose works were championed by Thomas Beecham, John Barbirolli and Leopold Stokowski, but whose refusal to embrace atonality meant that he suffered years of neglect by the musical establishment
  • Dom DeLuise, 1933-2009
    Actor with a passion for cooking and eating who became best known for his work with Mel Brooks
  • Nigel Fortune, 1924-2009 Musicologist, editor and scholar whose interests ranged from Purcell and Handel to the avant garde
  • Marilyn French, 1929-1009
    Novelist in the cause of feminism whose goal was to ‘change the entire structure of Western civilisation’

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