A drum roll please…

As the excitement builds … We’ve been here a couple of hours and the anticipation is really starting to intensify. We met Ruth Todd – Christchurch’s tireless book enthusiast – at the airport, and Robyn has already been to lunch with Judith Thurman and is interviewing M. T. Anderson as we speak.
There was some bad news today with the cancellation of the Kirsty Gunn event – it looks like she was unexpectedly called back to Scotland.

Opening night promises a real mixture of authors and styles and a chance to experience all the buzz that goes with the opening of festivities. We’ll post an audio wrap up of our thoughts on the opening tomorrow morning, before splitting up to go our separate ways. Joyce will interview Monica Ali, Richard will interview Stefan Aust and Christos Tsiolkas and Moata will chat with Marcus Chown.

It promises to be an excellent evening with a full day tomorrow. Hope to have your company and please send in comments and questions. Remember also that photos will be posted on the library flickr site throughout the festival.

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