Untouchable Girls – The movie

The Topp twins. It’s no exaggeration to say that they’re about as Kiwi as you can get without actually being a small flightless bird. Lynda and Jools Topp have been entertaining all heck out of New Zealanders for the last 25 years with their assortment of comic characters, country music…and yodelling.

We’ve got three “two for one” vouchers for the twins’ new documentary film Untouchable Girls – The Movie which is released 9 April.  The Sydney Herald says it’s “more fun than a possum up your trousers!”…and they would know, I guess.  Anyway, check out the movie trailer below and if it looks like something you might be interested in taking a friend (or twin) to then email us at libwebteam@ccc.govt.nz including your name, phone number, library card number and address. We’ll be in touch with the winners about getting them their vouchers (competition applies to Christchurch City Libraries members only). Entries close Thursday 9 April and the vouchers are valid until Wednesday 29 April.

If you’re feeling like reminding yourself of some of the genius that is the twins Topp, then have a gander at what Christchurch City Libraries has to offer –


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