Rubbish reads

Cover of Jordan: A whole new world
Jesse Foot, library manager at Bodmin Library in Cornwall, has been encouraging library users to vote for their most hated books with the aim to create a display of these despicable literary offerings. This follows the successful launch of some creatively titled new library sections, forget boring old “Recent Returns” or passé “Staff Picks”, Bodmin has “Books that we hate”, “Books to help you fall asleep” and “Great classics or boring books”. Genius! Cornish librarians, for the record, particularly hated autobiographies by Jordan and Michael Barrymore, and The Insider: The private diaries of a scandalous decade by Piers Morgan. Piers Morgan hit back, describing librarians as “Unutterably tedious, nasal-twanging, tank-top wearing little nerds.” Sadly accurate but dude don’t dis the tank-top. To be fair he also said “that if I saw a shelf stacked with stuff they hated, I’d want to read those books immediately”.

So to get the ball rolling here are a few hates I’d like to share:

  • The Da Vinci Code by Dan Brown. Mr Brown leaves no “i” undotted and no “t” uncrossed. The literary equivalent of painting by numbers.
  • Anything by JeffreyArcher. I know, I know an easy target but I believe a valid one. Just dreadful.
  • Any novel with the word “panties” in it. Icky and wrong.
  • Intimacy by Hanif Kureishi. A personal watershed and the moment I realised that it was selfish to read cook books in bed.

Don’t be shy, put the boot in……….