Words on wheels

I hope this isnt how theyre getting around...
I hope this isn't how they're getting around...

What’s more got more pizzazz than a set of chrome rims and a pop-off valve…and a vocabulary to boot?  Why it’s Words on Wheels of course.  While it may be fun to imagine that this involves  five of this country’s bright writing talents cruising down Bealey Ave performing selected readings out of passenger side windows this isn’t exactly what goes on. 

Instead David Geary, Anna Mackenzie, Janet Charman, Steve Braunias, and Vanda Symon will be criss-crossing the South Island, travelling to towns big and small, talking and reading to the gathered masses.

I love seeing and hearing authors in the flesh, particularly when they read their own work as you get a real sense of how they think it should be read.  Where do they put their emphasis?  How emotively do they read a particular passage?  Sometimes you find humour or added layers with an author reading.

Christchurch City Libraries is proud to host the only Christchurch stop on the 2009 Word on Wheels itinerary.  The above authors will be at the Central Library at 2pm on Monday 2 March.  This is a completely free event and no booking is required (though if you want a comfy seat you might want to come early).

The interior of the Central library is a car-free zone and we promise the only burnouts or thrown beer bottles will be fictional ones.

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