Retro kiwi kai

kiwibakeoffIt may not be common knowledge amongst the general populace but librarians love a nice morning tea and what could be more fitting in preparation for celebrating our national day, than indulging in a little food nostalgia?

  • Home made : stories and recipes from New Zealand stove tops – A collection of New Zealanders’ family recipes and stories behind them as passed  down through the generations.  Includes historic photos and images of the recipes. They have thought of everything, including a pocket at the back for you to add your own favourite family specialties.
  • Ladies a plate : traditional home baking – Johnston is a dedicated home baker herself, and has searched through hundreds of manuscripts and community cookbooks from the early to mid twentieth century. She tested the recipes herself to find the best version of some of our well known favourites.   This is a pretty good looking book, with lots of recipes and historical material.
  • The Edmonds cookery book – Keep it “old school” with this 1914 edition of the beloved cookbook which is now available online.  The cinnamon scones sound nice but I might pass on the tongue omelet, just quietly.
  • First catch your weka :  A story of New Zealand cooking – In which author David Veart investigates just how our Kiwi “style” of cuisine came into existence (no wekas were harmed in the production of the book).

And if all that isn’t enough to have you dreaming of lamingtons over the long weekend then check out our page on iconic Kiwi foods.  Dig in!

One thought on “Retro kiwi kai

  1. PinkyTuscadero 5 February 2009 / 2:03 pm

    Great post, Erin.

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