Books inspired by games

Finally! Instead of a book inspiring a movie which inspires an awful computer game, a computer game has inspired a book. When I say ‘finally’ I am of course ignoring all Doom, Pokemon and Halo books, the Resident Evil franchise, Warcraft novels and Shin Megami Tensei.

A Prince of Persia graphic novel has come out and it reminded me how although every book that gets made into a movie gets an uninspiring computer game to accompany it (anyone remember Ghostbusters on the C64?) it hardly ever works the other way around. The novel is getting good reviews, although Publishers Weekly calls it a game “byproduct” which sounds sort of gross.

Kingdom Keepers is another gaming franchise that has made the small leap from the DVD shelf to the book shelf recently. Ridley Pearson has written the first two volumes in the second book series based on the PS2 game “Kingdom Hearts”.  I haven’t read either of them so far, but how long can I resist a book in which the little dolls from “It’s a Small World” start eating park visitors?

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