Book smack down

If you think literature needs a bit of slapping and wrestling, how about the Morning News Tournament of Books (sponsored by Powell’s Books). It’s a bookish battle royale amongst the top novels in “literary fiction”.

2008’s winner was our old pal Mr Junot Diaz with The Brief and Wondrous life of Oscar Wao which gave the smack down to Remainder by Tom McCarthy. Junot’s response to his book’s victory:

I’m beyond humbled. This book took forever and broke my heart nonstop—it’s deeply gratifying that it has moved anybody at all. It’s a little strange to imagine poor Oscar fighting anyone in a tournament so you made the impossible happen. Thanks to everybody who supported any and all of these books and thanks to the Tournament for doing something so hilariously odd in support of literature. So do I get a T-shirt with that supercool rooster on it? He’s bad-ass.

See the 2007 and 2006 matches.

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