Mmmm Magazines …

The blue couches in the Central Library - the perfect magazine reading spot!
The blue couches in the Central Library - the perfect magazine reading spot!

Ah, study.  Exams, essays and assignments.  Enough to make even the most literary-minded of us melt into puddles of incoherence (except maybe you, Tom?). 

It is during these difficult times that I find myself drawn to magazines:  shiny, short and with lots of lovely pictures!  Even better, here at Central, there’s hundreds to choose from!  And more on the way every month!  And not just Cosmopolitan and New Zealand Woman’s Weekly, either.  A quick read through the list of new titles on the way gave me these:  (Note: some of these might not be on the catalogue yet, but hang in there, and they will arrive, I promise!).

Gamefreaks – to feed my inner 15 year old fanboy.  This looks like it might be okay, with lots of glossy screenshots and game reviews, but it’s quite thin, and does seem to lean towards the “running around and shooting things” genre, although the article on Little Big Planet looks interesting.

World Sweet World – to balance the fanboy, I’m also feeding my inner nana.  This also looks pretty cool, if you’re into making felted hats and decorations from tea-stained folded paper and growing your own strawberries.   And the tagline is What a nice magazine!  Aww bless …

Knives Illustrated – to be honest, I’m a little unnerved by this one.  It’s not on the shelves yet, but I’m guessing it will be popular in some circles.

Fabrications – this also sounded promising, I thought, until I read the subtitle:  Journal of the Society of Architectural Historians.  Maybe not, then.

Then I pootled round the open shelves and found these wee gems:

FMR – the biggest, glossiest, most classy look imaginable at really arty things

Make – super-nerdy, super-cool ideas on (for example) how to make a USB flash drive out of Lego

Five different guitar magazine titles (I don’t own a guitar, but you never know …)

Servo – with a very enticing cover article on how to make your own robotic arm

And finally, MMM Motorcaravan Motorhome Monthly (in case all that study really does get too much and I need to run away …)