Do you have any books on…

Recently I’ve been compiling a few book lists for our website. While doing these, I’ve been looking up a lot of headings on the library catalogue e.g. recycling – childrens fiction; Siblings – childrens fiction; sanitary landfills – childrens fiction…

Yep – that is an actual subject heading : “My kid is so sick of books about cats and fairies – what do you have on landfills, actually, not just landfills – sanitary landfills?” Other childrens fiction subject headings that we don’t get asked about so often –

Helmets – “Excuse me, I’d like to read a book with headgear involved, specifically helmets”

Adjoining Landowners – “I’m in a particularly sticky legal dispute with an adjoining landowner – do you have any picture books to explain this feud to my 8 year old?”

Altitudes – “My child is past the up-and-down stage, what do you have on varying altitudes?”

Other random catalogue entries gratefully accepted…

One thought on “Do you have any books on…

  1. Helen 1 December 2008 / 3:00 pm

    I’m with you on this. I find subject headings a great form of entertainment at times. “Conduct of life-children’s fiction” is one of my favourites, not just because it is very odd, but also because its actually a very helpful one once you know it. It covers so many useful picture books which are about behaviour and values. A great one to use for enquiries from teachers and parents who want stories that display sharing, kindness, friendship etc.

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