Watching the Watchmen

Now that I have seen a preview of the upcoming Watchmen movie, I’m getting keener. The Muse song pulsating in the background of the full trailer amps up my enthusiasm immeasurably (it’s Take a Bow from Black Holes and Revelations).

If you want a tad more information before you see the movie, try Watching the watchmen – there’s an article Dave Gibbons and the Creation of Watchmen about it in the latest PW Comic weekly.


One of the difficult things about working surrounded by books all day (yes, I know, life is hard) is that sometimes I find myself reading a book I have no idea why, how or where I found it.  It’s easy to find the authors I already know I can’t live without (oh, Terry, please be well and clever as long as you can), or the series that I am eagerly awaiting each new title of (hurry UP, Mr Koontz, and tell me what happens to Christopher Snow), or even the ones that everyone else tells me I MUST read (actually, this category I often get a bit silly about and refuse to read, just to be contrary).

But the serendipitous finds are the real treasures.  They may not be the best books I’ve ever read, but the very fact that they come out of nowhere, and without any great weight of expectation behind them, makes them a real treat.

So in the spirit of giving, and with more than a little anxiety (how embarrassing to share a new ‘treat’, only to have others say either, “Oh, that old thing … ” or, “Actually, I didn’t care for that book at all … “), here are a few of my recent unexpected discoveries:

Chris Knopf’s The Last Refuge – boring cover, average book blurb, hero I would normally loathe, but somehow a deeply enjoyable read

Jonathan Coe’s The House of Sleep – old and crusty-looking, but un-put-downable, with great characters, great story and a great ending

Robin McKinley’s Sunshine – yes, it’s another vampire story, but unexpectedly oh so much more than just another gothic horror bodice-ripper!  (sorry, Christine Feehan and friends … )

Anyone else out there want to share a surprise find?  I promise I won’t be scathing or dismissive …