80s New Romantics invade Christchurch …

Tony Hadley
Tony Hadley

If only. What I wouldn’t give to see the Blitz regulars brightening up the streets of Christchurch – eyeliner, flouncy shirts and ill advised hairdos – they’d have the emos running for cover.

For those who want to relive the glory days of the 80s, Paul Young and Tony Hadley are touring NZ. Paul Young you’ll remember for such tunes as “Wherever I lay my hat (that’s my home), and Tony Hadley was the lead singer of Spandau Ballet (by the way, the deliciously overwrought drama of their video for I’ll fly for you shows how videos were done back then – like mini potboiler movies).

I read Tony’s autobiography To cut a long story short a few years ago, and it was a pretty good addition to the pantheon of musical reminiscences. Another Spandau member, Martin Kemp (who has had an acting career since then – starring in Eastenders, and also as one of “The Krays” with his brother Gary) has also written a memoir True.

Adam Ant
Adam Ant

If you really want to dive into 80s music autobiographies, try the upcoming Duran Duran treat promisingly titled Wild Boy by Andy Taylor. DD was always the ultimate 80s band – cocaine snorting, model dating, with naughty videos set in far off exotic climes.

Or you might enjoy the autobiography Stand and Deliver by one of my favourite 80s babes Adam Ant. He was a pocket Adonis, rocking the dandy highwayman look that has been much imitated. He has a wealth of life experience to draw on, with a career that started in the punk milieu of the 1970s (even starring in Derek Jarman’s movie Jubilee).  In later years he moved into acting. He used to date stars Jamie Lee Curtis and Heather Graham. Adam has suffered from bipolar disorder. He’s an interesting, complex man regardless of the music.

PS: for a touch of NZ in the 80s, an episode of Gloss is available on the fabulous new NZ on screen website.

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