How to make Jam while the financial system collapses

Trillion dollar meltdown
Trillion dollar meltdown

In a recent article from the Guardian Weekly publishers talked about how they will keep going during the financial crisis, and this Christmas we can therefore look forward to a good amount of “thrifty” titles.  Examples of this are the republication of Delia Smith’s classic, Frugal Food, alongside the ever popular India Knight showing us that a gal can still look glam, while saving money at the same time, in her book, The Thrift Book: Live well and spend less.

Not to be outdone the fiction market is also thinking how best to capitalise on the downturn.  Crime fiction and thrillers still hoof it out the door as people crave losing themselves and escaping from reality.  If romance is more your thing, then Mills and Boon also report an upsurge in sales when times are tough – dreaming of sheiks and thrilling Italians is far preferable than how to pay the mortgage.

If you prefer taking the moral high ground, then you could read The Trillion dollar meltdown : easy money, high rollers, and the great credit crash by Charles Morris.  This was published earlier in the year and predicted the financial crash. 

Apparently publishers are now going through bucketloads of proposals and submissions from various authors on subjects as diverse as how to make your own jam, to reasons why Wall Street crashed, (and I’m sure there will be a few self help books thrown in for good measure), so there is no doubt that we can look forward to plenty of opinions and finger pointing in the next few months