Personalised Books

I remember as a toddler my daughter getting her own personalised book.  Her name was rather badly copied over the the top of the generic text, and the girl in the story was blond and blue eyed.  It was all rather cute, fairly banal, but she loved it.

UK at home
UK at home

The publishing industry has now gone a few steps further and has reached out to adult readers.  You can go to sites such as U star novels, and intergrate yourself and your loved one into your very own romance novel.  The mind boggles.  If you prefer something a bit tamer then UK at home (a rather lovely book we have in the library) shows you how to add your own photo onto the cover of the book.  It is then printed and whisked your way to add to the collection on the coffee table to surprise family and friends.

For a while now Doring Kindersley travel have had the capacity for travellers to choose the attractions they want to include in a personalised travel guide.  You can upload the data and include your own cover photo.  Much easier than carrying round a heavy tome filled with places you will never visit.

I also quite like My football year.  For football (or soccer fans) this is the ultimate.  Choose your favourite team, get all the information – statistics, photos etc and then if you choose, write your own commentary about the season.  Printed in colour and again ideal for the coffee table this is sent to your door at the end of the season.  What more could a football fan ask for?

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