Who needs House when you can have Wooster

Even when you work at the library, you sometimes forget the breadth and depth of goodies we have. And if you want comedy at its sparkling finest, I’m pleased to inform you we’ve got Jeeves and Wooster on DVD. According to Nick at Alice in Videoland, lots of people are exploring Hugh Laurie’s work prior to his role as a curmudgeonly doctor on House and discovering Bertie Wooster. Goodness knows what they think!

Love among the chickens
Love among the chickens

I haven’t read any P G Wodehouse but he’s definitely on my ‘to read’ list.

We also discovered the first episodes of Dr Who in the library. It was the one programme I wasn’t allowed to watch as a young un, mostly because it gave us kids bad dreams. William Hartnell as the Doctor is worlds away from the adorable David Tennant – he’s old, a bit creepy, and his mop is more a fluffy white bouffant than artful spikes. But all the elements are there – the iconic intro music, the Tardis, and the Daleks make their first appearance in the Terry Nation penned second episode.

If you want to sample our DVD collection, just pop into your local branch and see what’s on the shelf, or see our complete DVD collection listing.