A Panoply of Pop-Ups

Teach yourself visually
Teach yourself visually

Yesterday I opened the internet to look up a database, but instead of my normal home page I saw a page offering me free tropical holidays and star cursors. Hmmm…I thought…I know, I’ll close down the window and – as you may have guessed by now, if you are technically minded, closing down my window only resulted in more windows springing up and propagating; all offering me animated smiley faces, astrological love calculators and all manner of dodgy goods. LuckiIy I was at work, so I called IT and my computer was back to normal within minutes. But not everyone can have a help desk on call and that’s why I’ve listed some of the resources I rely on when my computer at home stops working and I can’t call the help desk to come and fix it.

1 – My husband (but I’m not telling you his phone number so you’ll need to rely on number 2)

2 – The sites on the Library’s internet gateway. These include PressF1 and annoyances.org

3 – The library’s collection of computer books which include the excellent Teach Yourself Visually series, this series has step by step instruction illustrated with screen shots and big red arrows telling who what to move where. Its motto is “Read less, learn more” and, even for a librarian, it’s hard to disagree.