Music to drive dream cars by


My dream car used to be the undulating roundness of the S type Jaguar. Nowadays, it’s been joined on the fantasy list by the Nissan Figaro (the sort of retro modern car you could imagine Audrey Hepburn nipping round town in), the Bugatti Veyron (now that’s just mental)

Stainless Style by Neon Neon is the kind of album you’d listen to on your Blaupunkt stereo system in your fantasy car.  And it’d work best if your car was a DeLorean, as this is a ‘concept album’ about the maverick car designer and 80s icon John DeLorean (the time machine in Back to the future was of course a DeLorean).

It references Carrie Fisher/Princess Leia (“I told her on Alderaan”), Raquel Welch (“Raquel”)and Michael Douglas (“Michael Douglas” and his mirrored sunglasses).

This is one of my favourites of the year so far, along with Santogold. Both albums have a distinctively 80s influence – electronic, synthesizer sounds, some classic 808 beats, but with an added component of rap and a modern hip-hop edginess and eclecticism.

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