The Original Branch Manual

Catalyst 7: The Original Branch Manual offers 7 poets, 7 artists and 7 musicians in a neatly packaged DVD case with CD and booklet. Providing an answer to my earlier query about the relationship between the different groups of poets that seem to have gravitated towards the peninsula, it turns out that Catalyst’s featured 7 are a diverse group, spanning a range from current university student Rachel Douglass to follicle-minding Irish stand-up Sean Joyce and including Bernadette Hall, a poet who is also represented in Land Very Fertile.

The 7 musicians are present not only on the CD, as musical collaboration for spoken word, but also in the booklet, their lyrics in print alongside the non-sung poems, really foregrounding Catalyst’s editorial drive to include not only poetry but also song lyrics, theatrical texts and experimental writings of other types.

The launch event at Al’s Bar included readings by 4 poets and live music from Lindon Puffin and Le Mot Cafe. Jody Lloyd, whose recording label, “She’ll Be Right Records,” produced the CD, was also present and probably performed after I left – a pity to miss his incredible brand of wordsmithery.

Tonight Catalyst is running a mini Poetry Idol competition in the upstairs bar at the Dux de Lux … your last chance for a dose of local poetry before the end of the festival. Catalyst runs a monthly open mic night, however (which has been running on and off for several years), so it isn’t your last chance ever…

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