Creating worlds: Elizabeth Knox and Sara Knox

Orphan Gunner
Orphan Gunner

I found Sara Knox’s book The Orphan Gunner hard to read, and although I desperately wanted to like Elizabeth Knox’s books, I have struggled there as well. So hopefully at the end of this session I will be suitably impressed, full of insight and understanding, and willing to give them both another go.

One hour later… Hmmm still not convinced unfortunately. I really liked listening to them both, they are quick, very funny and brimming full of ideas and enthusiasm. However, after many many questions from the chair John McKenzie about the whys and wherefores of The Dreamhunter series, I am really none the wiser, perhaps even more confused! In many ways the two sisters could have run the session themselves, they obviously have a great rapport, know each others books intimately and have of course have that wonderful imaginative life of story telling from their adolescence to call on.

I suspect for people who loved the Dreamhunter series that this would have been a session made in heaven. Plots and characters were dissected and analysed within an inch of their lives, it would have been good to hear more about the Orphan Gunner, and I felt like Sara Knox was left out in the cold a bit.

My other colleagues are now ensconced in the world of crime, grime and murder foul. I hope they come out still feeling like lunch!

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