The Joys of Firsts

Well, this is a great week of ‘firsts’ for me. First blog post, first Writers’ Festival, first author interview, and of course today – the first day of the Festival itself! It does seem like it’s been on its way for a while, but now the day is finally here. So much to see, so little time! I have to confess that I’ve nerdily written up a schedule, so I can see where I’m rushing madly to next each day.

Today is a little easier, though, as it’s just a couple of events for me. I’m really looking forward to hearing Francis Spufford at 12pm at the central library, and of course at the Town Hall this evening Vanessa Collingridge is talking about the fascinating Captain Cook – I’m right there with you on this one, Robyn! In between I thought I’d try to swing by the Museum and the Art Gallery for their exhibitions on related book-y things: the Pirates Te Tai Tamariki book illustration exhibition at the Museum, and Alan Loney’s Hand-Printed Books at the Gallery.

Guess I’d better try to remember where I put my umbrella …

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