On the Conditions and Possibilities of Helen Clark taking me as her Young Lover

Those with an eye for satire will note the careful seriousness of the title above. The title is from a theatrical powerpoint lecture visiting our fair city as part of the Writers Festival. The show returns after a successful visit during the Cabaret Festival earlier in the winter and if you missed it then, be sure to see it this time around. If, like me, you grow weary of the childish and petty behaviour of politicians (which only seems to get worse as the election looms larger), then you will enjoy this show’s refreshing and hilarious take on politics in New Zealand. You will also be introduced to the strong argument towards our only hope for a glorious future – Helen Clark taking Richard Meros as her young lover. This unique performance is truly hilarious and very highly recommended.

It runs this Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights at 6pm in the Philip Carter Family Auditorium at the Art Gallery, adults $25.

“… exactly the sort of social and political satire we need to alleviate the inevitable earnestness and nastiness of the looming election campaign”

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