Warm-up for festival

Students from the Hagley Writers’ Institue will be reading at the central library today and tomorrow – from midday until 1pm.

It’s a great chance to see some new talent and hear new work from local writers. I’ve attended classes for the past 20 weeks with the people who will be reading and there will be a great range of style and something for everyone to sample.

On Wednesday it will be the turn of the School for Young Writers, who will share what they’ve been working on over winter.

Come along and join in the free fun at central library, this week at midday. It’s a great way to gear up for the other library events later in the week – Bill Nagelkerke with Francis Spufford in a session called The child that books built, and myself and Ben Hills discussing how Sardinia can produce such a large number of centenarians.

One thought on “Warm-up for festival

  1. Robyn 2 September 2008 / 2:44 pm

    The two readings by Hagley Writers’ Institute whetted the appetite to hear more from this very talented group. Several times I found myself thinking “I must check this book out”, before I remembered that these writers haven’t published books, yet. I had a bit of a Meryl Streep in The Deerhunter moment when I thought that at the next writers festival in two years time I might be able to say “I saw that writer when s/he was just starting out and I knew they’d be a star.”

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