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Want to try your hand at a writing competition? Here are some to enter: The Press Summer Fiction competition, Re-draft (for 13 to 19 year olds), The South Island Writers’ Association Short Story Competition and Takahe’s poetry competition.

The Press Summer Fiction Competition
The Press will repeat its popular Summer Fiction series in December 2008 and January 2009, serialising two pieces of unpublished fiction. 

They will choose the works by way of public competition.
Subject matter and setting are yours to choose – the rules of the competition relate to form, not content. The form is six separate chapters, or interlinked stories, each of 1500 words, that will run on consecutive days. The commission is worth $2000 and is for single publication rights, meaning you will retain copyright.

To enter the competition, send The Press a hard copy of your first instalment of 1500 words. Entries close on September 8. Winners will be announced on September 22, and the deadline for the completed manuscript is November 10. Payment will be on receipt of a satisfactory manuscript. Mail entries to Summer Fiction Competition, Private Bag 4722, Christchurch, complete with full contact details. (Please note that entries will not be returned – these will be destroyed after judging). If you have any queries, please email mark.wilson@press.co.nz.

For younger writers, there’s Re-Draft. If you’re 13 to 19 it’s perfect for you.
Re-Draft is run by the Christchurch School for Young Writers and your work could be chosen as the title of their annual publication. This competition is open to all, and you can enter up to three pieces of work. Entries close 30 September 2008

Re-Draft accepts

  • your writing, as long as you’re aged 13-19 at the time of sending your entries
  • any genre: poems, stories
  • up to 3 entries per person any subject matter

Entry is free. The entry form and competition guidelines are in the back of the book of last year’s winning entries. All you need is a photocopy of the form. Find out more about Re-Draft on the Christchurch School for Young Writers web site.

The South Island Writers’ Association Short Story Competition – entries close 30 September 2008.
The Judge is James Norcliffe, poet and writer of young adult fiction. The competition is open to all residents of New Zealand.

First prize: $250 Second prize: $100. In addition, a number of stories will be Highly Commended. Entry Fee $5.00.

The story should be aimed at readers between the ages of 12 and 14. The theme is open. The closing date is September 30th 2008.
The maximum length is 1,500 words. There is no minimum length.

For entry form or further details write to:
SS COMP 2008,
PO Box 37136,
Christchurch 8245
or e-mail: JaneSeaford@xtra.co.nz

Takahe alternates between poetry and short story competitions each year – this year it’s Poetry’s turn.
The Takahe poetry competition also closes 30 September and is judged by Michael Harlow, poet and editor.

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  1. competearound 27 September 2008 / 6:53 pm

    Thanks for sharing this information…I am very Glad and happy to participate in this.

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